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RADON IS THE #2 CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER: You can’t see, taste or smell radon. The only way to know how much radon is in your home is to test for it. Manitoba and Saskatchewan are hot spots for this deadly gas.

GREEN OR BLUE? It doesn’t matter if you wear green or blue, when it comes to lung cancer prevention we are all on the same team. We are challenging YOU to test your home for radon! Fans of green and white, click on Andrew and fans of blue and gold, click on Adam to order your radon test kit.

WINNERS EVERY QUARTER: Everyone that takes part in Tackle Radon by ordering a radon test kit will be entered to WIN monthly prizes! Don’t delay you only have until the end of November to join the roster.

Get in the game, join our TACKLE RADON team to PREVENT LUNG CANCER one test, one life, one breath at a time.